Sookie Stackhouse (trusookie) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Sookie Stackhouse

Who: Sookie, Claudine, Alcide, Sam, Anyone else
When: Late evening
Where: Merlotte's Bar
Status: Incomplete

Weaving through the tables at Merlotte's, Sookie made the rounds. Arlene was picking up a couple tips from some recently empty ones before the busboy came in. The tables weren't empty for long as it was Friday night, one of their busiest nights.

Her feet were already feeling the burn and she was counting down the hours until her shift was over. She hadn't been sleeping well lately. She had too many thoughts floating around her head. And for once, it wasn't others' thoughts, but her own. Her mind had been spinning lately with just all around confusion, mostly about the fact that she was way too seriously considering a relationship with a vampire. Or at least some minor dating. Maybe some serious kissing.

She shook the thought away as something else popped into her head, Dumbass Stackhouse girl, can't even listen when I want a goddamn beer. Her head snapped up and a bright smile plastered on her face, "I'll be right back with your beer," she told the man cheerily as she headed over to the bar. She sighed, rubbing her temples for a moment.

When she was tired, she had a harder time blocking out the thoughts. And even moreso, when she was distracted with her, she sometimes let her guard drop. She closed her eyes for a moment squeezed them all right back out of her head. She just wasn't in the mood for everyone's innermost thoughts and desires. Or more accurately: blah, blah, blah.
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