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Spending Time With Wes

Who: Angel and Wesley
Where: Hotel in New Orleans
When: After giving up on waking up Gunn and Cordelia
What: Angel and Wes doing some bonding
Status: Incomplete

After being completely rejected by Gunn and Cordelia in an effort to wake them up (which he understood, but had been funny to him, anyway), Angel had went back to his room to try and get a little work done. Wes had a point: they technically were there for official business, instead of just playing around. He knew that Gunn and Cordy would be more willing to join them for work once they slept off a bit more of their hangover. Now he just had to force himself to do some work of his own.

And yet he was in too decent of a mood to properly focus. He manage to get through some paper work that had been faxed to him from the firm in LA, and did a little bit of talking with the new contacts in LA, which was actually a good bit of work. So, after getting that kind of stuff done, he decided he'd hang out for a little while. Gunn and Cordy still weren't up, and it was still afternoon, so he couldn't exactly go out very well yet.

He was flipping through the movies available from paperview at the moment. He was sure there would be *something* that was vaguely interesting to him. He had already checked the cable. Wasn't it terrible when, even though you could now afford to buy the best of things, there still wasn't anything on?

Still bored, he picked up his phone and dialed Wes's room. Wes had probably been doing some sort of work all day as well. It was time to enjoy the money that they finally had, even if it was just going to be for a few hours, right?
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