Buffy Summers (theslayer_buffy) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Buffy Summers

Who: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn? Faith?
Where: Mansion
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

"Scooby meeting tonite @ 7. Everyone plz come! :)" she had texted earlier that day to her friends.

Buffy paced the living room as she went over everything that happened in the last couple of weeks. And well, there was a lot to think about. She was working for a totally soulless, way too hot, and probably really evil vampire, who happened to be the Sheriff of the area in which she now lived. And who the hell knew there were vampire politics going on all this time? That seemed to be something Giles should have known…

And on top of that, both she and this vampire, Eric, had been attacked by some stranger vampires because they were working together. And well, they had killed both of them, which was against the law now, and she had ruined her new favorite jacket in the process.

And even on top of that, Buffy had accidentally killed a crazy evil Slayer in order to save the former crazy evil Slayer, Faith. So, there was a lot to discuss. But, first, they needed to find out who sent the out-of-town vampires. And she only had one clue; a license.

She drained a bottle of water as she waited for everyone to arrive. It had been a long time since she'd conducted any sort of Scooby meeting.
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