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25 May 2010 @ 10:24 am
Who: Buffy and Xander
Where: Bon Temps Memorial Hospital (if there's such a thing!)
When: Late afternoon, right after
Buffy accidentally kills NPC!RogueSlayer
Status: Incomplete

By the time they got to the hospital, Xander had passed out from shock and loss of blood. The doctors quickly tended to him and Faith had left Buffy there while she went back to report what had happened. Buffy wanted to stay to make sure Xander came out okay.

"Things will be cool, B," Faith had told her before giving her a quick squeeze on the shoulder and leaving to drive back.

Xander had woken up after getting cleaned and stitched up, feeling really groggy as he did so. He put his hand to his face and realized his eye patch was no longer there. His eye opened up wide. He hated anyone seeing him without his patch. It was a thing. He looked around the room and spotted it laying on the stand next to his hospital bed.

His arm in a sling, body still feeling like jell-o, Xander tried to scootch over and reach out for it before anyone came in to see him like this. Forget the fact he was vulnerable in the hospital gown... The patch was just out of his reach...
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11 May 2010 @ 12:54 pm
Who: Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, and Wes
Where: The Hotel in New Orleans Where They Are Staying
When: The Morning After Gunn and Cordy's Drunken Bar Crawl
What: Angel being a butt and waking up Cordy and Gunn
Status: Complete :)

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14 April 2010 @ 04:23 pm
Who: Eric, Pam, Buffy, anyone else who wants to jump in.
Where: Fangtasia.
When: A week or so after this post, around 10:00 PM.
What: The Slayer has done her job for Eric and done it well. Now it's time for Eric to pay up.
Status: Open.

It was busy, for a Tuesday, which was precisely why Eric had summoned the Slayer in his employ to collect her payment then. Nobody would notice her sunny features as out of place in the throng of sorority girls from ULM. Eric didn't much care to make his own phone calls, but Pam was so busy at the door scrutinizing identification cards - and throwing out a good third of the ones presented to her, for though she could no longer tell human ages, she could spot a fake driver's license from ten yards - that he wound up sending a text message: "You've completed the list. Payment's ready. I'm in the back office."

There. That ought to do it, Eric thought, and propped his feet up on the desk to wait for a response. He should really have said something to Pam to let her know the Summers girl would be coming, but it was too late now; he was ensconced in his comfortable leather office chair and away from the stupid thumping techno music everyone called "goth" - Eric remembered when "goth" meant Siouxsie and the Banshees - and he wasn't about to get up. Pam would remember her, of course, but it didn't mean she'd be nice about it.

A few minutes later, Eric received the answer he was looking for: "K thanks. Be there tonight."

He wondered for a nanosecond if perhaps he should have included the caveat that he had another list ready for Buffy, but immediately dismissed that idea. She'd be standing in front of him soon enough.
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15 March 2010 @ 03:37 pm
Who: Buffy, Faith, Xander, NPC!Rogue Slayer
Where: Bon Temps
When: Late afternoon, right after this post.
Status: Complete

Watching Willow do some intense magic recently started giving Buffy the wiggins. It wasn't scary or anything, but after everything they had been through with Willow's magic path, she preferred not seeing it. So, heading out for re-con was a great plan to her. Even if it was with Faith.

She took the photo from Faith and looked at it carefully. The slayer looked normal, well, as normal as any punky teenager might look. "Sounds familiar," she commented, glancing at Faith as she mentioned bringing the girl 'back to her senses'.

Okay, okay, she would play nice. "We'll help her as best we can. She probably won't want our help though. Most rogue slayers don't." Okay, really, the playing nice started now. Seriously.

She nodded to Xander, "Right, we should get going before it gets too dark." She nodded to Willow, still avoiding Giles' glance whenever possible, "See you later. Good luck," she said, before eying her sister, "And I hope you're all human-ey again when we get back."

She arched a brow at Xander's comment, exchanging a glance with Faith. She wanted to roll her eyes, but exchanging amusement with Faith was, like, against her religion, if she had one. She cleared her throat instead and headed to the car.

~An hour later~

You knew you were in a small town when you pulled off the highway onto mostly dirt and gravel roads. "I forgot how shitty this is to drive on," Buffy grumbled. Not to mention, she wasn't exactly the world's best driver in the first place.

She parked the car on the side of the road and pushed her sunglasses up on her nose before glancing at Faith, "Any idea on where exactly this girl was when she was last seen? I know this place doesn't have much in the way of neighborhoods, but any street name or something might be a good place to start our aimless wandering."
11 March 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Who:  Amelia and anyone else out in Bon Temps at night
Where:  On a street in Bon Temps
When:  Evening
What:  Amelia's been out looking for a job, but so far, no luck.
Status: Open

Amelia felt like a lazy bum. Back in New Orleans, there was so much to do and so many places to go, it could make your head spin. But Bon Temps was a whole different story. It was a small town with a limited number of hotspots and an even more limited number of “Job Wanted” signs. Or at least that’s the impression Amelia was getting at the moment.

Not wanting to sit around Sookie’s house like a pathetic couch potato, she had decided to make the rounds around town and look for a job. After all, if she had money, she could look into getting her own place, or maybe even begin to pay rent if she couldn’t find a decent apartment. But so far, she was having very little luck.

Sitting on a sidewalk bench outside of a local clothing store, she crossed it off of her steadily diminishing list. She’d been knocking on doors all over down, everywhere except for Merlotte’s and the library. The latter was obviously closed at this time of night, and the last thing Amelia wanted was to demand Sam Merlotte’s attention on a busy night at the bar and grill. Add the fact that she didn’t really know him that well, and the awkward factor increased exponentially. But if she weighed the two options in her head, she had to admit that she was leaning more toward Merlotte’s than the stuffy local library.

Heaving a frustrated sigh, Amelia put her elbows on her knees and allowed her head to drop tiredly into her hands. Right about now, all she really wanted to do was drive home, curl up on the couch, and watch whatever old movie was playing on TV. But her home was pretty damn far away. She was in an unfamiliar place, crashing on someone’s couch, keeping her magical skills sharp with little tricks like boiling water or moving a coffee mug across the kitchen table. But she never did any of that in front of anyone but Sookie. It had been a long time since people had burned witches at the stake, but Amelia wasn’t too keen on pushing her luck.

Maybe I'll just head back to Sookie's and talk to her about it later, she thought, biting her lip as she scowled down at the sidewalk, not knowing what to do next.

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09 March 2010 @ 04:01 pm
Who:  Sookie and Bill
Where:  Stackhouse Home, then out for a walk
When:  Evening, the night after the big Merlotte's post
What:  Bill wants to take Sookie out and get to know her better
Status:  Complete :)

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09 March 2010 @ 01:23 pm

Who: Jason Stackhouse
When: Late Morning
Where: A road in disrepair somewhere in Bon Temps.
What: Men very hard at work, and most definitely not spreading town gossip.

"Nah were talking," Jason furrowed his brows, deep in concentration as his palms grasped large chunks of air, "Like this, no lie." Eventually Jason's hands shifted to shape the air again, but at a much lower height. "And all of that, covered in leather." Throughout his demonstration, Jason's face was dead serious. He wasn't exaggerating a single detail, here.

"Don't tell me, Jason...she didn't end up going home with you, did she?" Hoyt asked, eyes clearly hoping for the contrary.

It was the time of their work day where the sun kept them from doing anything other than sweating. This was the perfect time for talk, since it was all they could do to pass the time until it was time to get some food. Today Jason had started off with telling his friends all about Amelia, the new girl in town that just happened to be staying with his sister and Gran. From there, it wasn't long until he revealed that not only was there a new girl in town, which was pretty damn rare, but she wasn't the only one! The mystery new girl would be the one who's demensions Jason had been carving out the air. He'd politely left out such details on Amelia, of course. 

"Nah. I  was out with Sook and Amelia, but  I didn't even get to introduce myself, either. Someone else got to her first."
"A vamp!"
"Vampire Bill...?"
"Hello no! It was a lady vampire."
"Oh!" It took a moment, but Hoyt's cheeks quickly reddened. "You don't mean...."
Jason could only nod, as he started to catch a blush of his own. "That's exactly what I mean...."
"Wow..." Hoyt said, before falling to a sort of amazed silence.
"I know, right?!"

Rene and Lafayette reacted a little more strongly to the morning gossip. Specifically, it started Lafayette off on one of his sermons, which although he might not understand all of em, he always did find them entertaining to listen to. Something about how when it's two dudes, everyone's got a problem, but when it's two ladies, guys ain't go no problems with blah blah blah blah. Jason's excuse for all that, "That's cuz when it's two dudes it ain't hot!", just seemed to get Layfayette fired right back up.

Rene could only shake his head, and say something about how people raised kids in this town, and how they shouldn't be so quick to welcome newcomers, not without getting to know them better, first.

The lady vamp was way different than the only other vampire he'd seen before-- that awful fucker in Maudette's home movie. Which was weird, seeing as the whole damn town had gone and become on a first name basis with that Bill, even though Jason had yet to see the guy for himself, despite even Sookie talking his ear off about him. 

Whatever, Jason didn't need to understand why things were different when it was a lady vampire. All he needed to know was that it was way hot.

02 February 2010 @ 12:20 am
Who: Angel, Spike and Wesley
Where: Angel's hotelroom?
When: Shortly after Fred, Wesley and Spike arrived by car.
What: The Brits meet up with the boss.
Status: Incomplete

It had been a long, long drive over.Collapse )
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28 January 2010 @ 03:05 pm
Who: Buffy, Centaur!Dawn, Willow, Giles, Faith, Xander
Where: Slayer HQ in Louisiana
What: After picking up centaur!Dawn from the woods, they prepare to turn her back into a regular girl.
When: Late afternoon
Status: Incomplete

((OOC Note: If you play more than one character in this scene, feel free to post for both of them in one comment if that makes it easier on you guys. If you'd rather now, that's fine too. Whatever works for you guys!))

Buffy wasn't sure which was worse. Being stuck in a van with two people she didn't particularly want to deal with ever again or seeing that her sister actually was a centaur. Xander hadn't been making it up as some ridiculous joke. At least Dawn wasn't a giant anymore. That was something they could be thankful for. She really hoped Willow--and hell, even Giles--could do something to fix her.

When they pulled up to the house, she stepped out of the van, folding her arms as she glanced around the completely empty neighborhood, "Thank god this place is deserted or keeping you in the backyard would be way too hard to explain," she told her half-horse sister. Although she wanted to just laugh at how ridiculous this whole thing was, she was feeling too tense with (mostly) Faith here. Plus, her sister might get a little offended.

As people made their way out of the vehicle, she told them, "I guess we can all help with some de-horsing research." She had a feeling Willow practically had her own magick shop at her disposal, so supplies wouldn't be an issue.

She looked to Faith, not exactly thrilled she'd resigned herself to work with her, of all people, "And you can fill me in on what you know about the missing slayer."
30 December 2009 @ 06:27 pm
Who: Cordelia and Gunn
Where: Bourbon Street, New Orleans
When: The Night After the Arrive
What: Exploring, Having Fun
Status: Complete :)

The first night after they arrived in New Orleans was spent doing some research on the town and where the new Hellmouth might be opening up, but it was also spent setting up a base for them to operate at. They had also made quick contact with Lorne in Arcadia, letting him know that they were around and what was going on. They had also called in to Wes and Fred letting them know that they had gotten here alright as well.

The next day, him and Cordelia spent most of the day, while Angel was hiding away from the very damaging to him rays of the sun, doing a lot of foot work trying to figure out just where in the hell her vision was supposed to be showing this Hellmouth opening up. However, they hadn't really been able to find anything on that, either. So, with a lot of convincing, he got Cordy to come out to Bourbon Street that night while Angel was out doing some leg work instead.

He had every intention of kicking the ass of any guy who came up to her screaming for her to flash them for beads, but was really just grateful that it wasn't Mardi Gras yet. He couldn't tell you what the holiday was for at all, but he knew that it involved lots of alcohol, parades, beads, and people flashing each other. That was according to late night TV that he totally didn't watch, you know.

Right now him and Cordy were slowly making their way down the long and crowded street, each of them with a drink in their hand. Gunn himself looked sort of like a kid in a candy store. Even LA didn't have this much going on on one street at any one time.
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