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Dawn Summers

Causing a Ruckus at Merlotte's

Who: Dawn and Open (more than one person is more than acceptable)
Where: Merlotte's
When: The next evening after she was turned back to normal
What: Getting some much needed normal time
Status: Incomplete

While Dawn knew that what she should totally be doing right now is sitting at home, maybe trying to get enrolled in one of the colleges in Louisiana (Louisiana Tech was looking good, since it was close to where she was living with Buffy and had a good, but tiny, history department). However, instead she was totally feeling getting out of the house and being around a few people who actually were people that she didn't know/grow up with. Now that she could, she was dying to interact with people and just be NORMAL for a change.

So, Dawn had ran to the nearest bar that she could find, which turned out to be Merlotte's. While she couldn't *technically* drink legally, she was eighteen, which meant that, in Louisiana, she could legally enter a bar. Which is all she really cared about. If someone wanted to buy her a drink, awesome. Until then, she'd settle for just a coke, and some decent conversation.

Dressed in a pretty, strapless sundress that was blue and had tiny flowers all over it, she walked into Merlotte's and sat down at the bar. "Can I get a coke please?" she asked the bartender. Wow, just being around people was giving her a heady little buzz because she just hadn't been in so, so long. She had missed it terribly.
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"Shit," Jason said quietly, as he, and probably just about everybody else at the bar cast eyes the young little thing that had walked into Merlotte's. "Another one? Some new school open up or what?" He had yet to go a day without meeting at least one pretty new girl. Bon Temps was starting to look more and more like Jason Stackhouse's ideal of heaven every day, and he sure wasn't complaining.

Before anyone could even start the debate on who was gonna be the one to go talk to her first, Jason was on his feet and headed to the bar. He even was nice enough to bring along a second beer with him, plucked straight outta Hoyt's hands before the guy had even had so much as a sip.

"Forget the coke, we gotta treat the new girl in town a little better than that," Jason said, as he offered her his very best smile along with the beer, compliment of poor Hoyt, who was still sitting at their table wide eyed and open mouthed.
Dawn hadn't realized that she had made quite such a stir. Of course, being new to the town proper (she lived with Buffy outside of town), she had figured that she would catch a little bit of attention. If you showed up new in Sunnydale, back when it was still on the map, everyone got to talking very quick. It seemed to be the same thing multiplied by a thousand in Bon Temps. Which just made Dawn 'pleased as punch' as some possibly southern person said once. She liked being the center of attention.

She gave Jason a bright smile when he came up to her, beer in hand. She hadn't had a beer since...well, since she had gotten herself cursed in the first place, but now she wasn't seeing someone who could curse her, so why worry, right? He seemed, well, not harmless, but human, which was harmless enough. Human she could deal with.

She was just glad to not be the 'vampire bait' that her sister seemed to be, or just the general 'monster bait' that Xander kind of is. No, this guy seemed perfectly human. Her sister might scold her for him being a few years older, but her two serious boyfriends were like, hundreds of years old! And this guy was just buying her a drink, so bah to Buffy!

"I got to say, I think I like this southern hospitality thing going on here," Dawn said to him as she accepted the beer from Jason. "I'm Dawn, by the way."
"'m glad to here that!" Jason said, as if he could have all the credit for the warm treatment Dawn might have received in his town so far.

"And hey! My ex is named that, too!" Jason blurted out, maybe a little too loud for his own good. He dodged a glare from the other Dawn, who while at first had wanted to take pity on Jason for his night of unjust questioning, suddenly went back to her crazy ol' self when he showed up the next night with Amelia and Sookie at Merlotte's. "'nyway, I always thought it was a nice name."

"And I'm Jason Stackhouse." He raised his own beer and clinked it lightly against the one Dawn was now holding. "Welcome to Bon Temps. Hope you stay awhile," he smiled, honestly meaning what he had said. He often forgot those manners Gran had drilled into his brain, but around a pretty girl they always seemed to come right on back well enough.
Well, strangely enough, Jason *was* all of the southern hospitality that she had experienced so far. So, he was more than welcome to take credit for all of the treatment that she had gotten so far.

Dawn did happen to see the glare from 'other Dawn.' It honestly just made her laugh. Sure, maybe she should be a little freaked that, in four sentences, she had already been compared to an ex girlfriend, but she really wasn't worried about it right now. "I've actually never met another Dawn. Kind of neat to have another one around." She thought it was neat, anyway. Everyone she had went to school with had always been named 'Sarah' or 'Jessica' or something like that.

"Nice to meet you Jason," she said, clinking her bottle back to his before taking a sip. "Well, it's my intent to stay a while, anyway. I'm trying to enroll at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, since it's not too bad of a drive from here. Are they any good?" He looked old enough to at least know about the college, even if he wasn't the type to attend himself.
"That right there is why things didn't work out between us," Jason added in a hushed tone, figuring Dawn No. 2 must be immune to Dawn No. 1 seeing as she laughed and all. After another swig of beer, Jason went so far as to give a big ol' friendly wave to Dawn No. 1, as if he just didn't know any better.

"She's a nice girl, most of the time. She'll be a little nicer if you're ever sitting at one of her tables, too." Which, Jason figured, Dawn would probably end up doing if she really was going to stay around for awhile. They were a small town, there weren't that many places to eat, and Merlotte's didn't have too many waitresses.

"'nyway, I think it's a nice name, and it's nice to meet you too."

When Dawn asked about Louisiana Tech, Jason took a moment to answer, and not just because he wanted another sip of his beer. "Well," he began eventually, "I know of a few people who went there, who I went to school with. An' they never came back to Bon Temps after that, so it must be good." He finished with a shrug, and placed his now empty beer on the counter. He never really understood why so many never came back once they left. Jason loved Bon Temps, and wouldn't leave it for the world.

"I hear they have nice parties, though." And, he couldn't say for sure, but he had a feeling he might've been to a few of those. Which meant, they were really, really, REALLY good parties. "Nice team, too."
Well, what helped Dawn's immunity, so to speak, was the fact that she hadn't been around people that weren't a part of her family (even if they weren't blood related, Xander and Willow were SO family) that she may have forgotten some social graces. Also, it helped that she didn't know Dawn no. 2 or anyone in this town right now, so why be embarrassed, right? A reason to get embarrassed was because you worried what people you knew were going to think of you. Well, if you didn't know the people, no reason to care what they thought of you!

So says the sage wisdom of Dawn Summers, anyway.

"Well, everyone's nicer when they're trying to get extra money from you," Dawn said simply, taking another sip from the beer that Jason had given her. "I'm sure she's nice enough when she's not your ex-girlfriend, anyway." She smiled a little when she said that.

"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, that they went off and never came back," Dawn remarked. "Because I kind of like this town. People seem friendly enough so far." Was Dawn FLIRTING? Maybe...what? She hadn't been around anyone that she could flirt with in ages!

"Now a nice party is kind of what I'm needing," Dawn admitted to, even though a party was what had gotten her in trouble last time. "It's been a while since I've been able to go out anywhere. Actually, THIS is the first time I've been out in a long time."
"Don't I know it," Jason nodded, agreeing about how smiles seemed bigger when someone was trying to sell you something. Although, he seemed to get plenty of smiles other times, too. Most of the time. Just not from dickheads like Andy.

Jason looked around, then leaned in, dropping his voice into the tiniest of whispers. "If you ever come here to eat though, you should ask for my sis to be your waitress though. She's got even better manners than me!" Uh, most people actually did have better manners than Jason. Hell, Terry's freaking dogs were better behaved, usually.

"Oh hey, you aren't hungry now, are you?" He asked after he had pulled back, realizing he had just assumed the girl had showed up here for just a good time. He was still pretty sure she had, but maybe she had wanted that and some food, too.

"Sadly ain't too many of 'em around here. Usually gotta go up to Shreveport or Monroe to find 'em, and stuff like that." Stuff like strip joints! But he figured Dawn didn't need to know about those. Though, Hooligan's had a pretty famous lady's night. Not that Jason Stackhouse would know anything about that!

Jason looked a little confused, suddenly. "How come? You don't gotta one of those...like, your parents don't keep you all locked up to make sure you stay nice and pure do they?"
Dawn leaned in toward Jason when he whispered to her. "I'll make sure to ask for her as a waitress then," Dawn said with a smile. Wow, she'd only been here for a few minutes and she was already having fun! Of course, it helped that Jason all but jumped on her the minute she came inside. Not that she minded. A cute guy coming over and talking to her? Oh yeah, she was all about that!

She shook her head when he asked if she was hungry. "Not right now, actually." Well, not for food, anyway, but for social interaction. If she said that out loud, though, it would sound WAY dirtier than she actually intended it. She just missed talking and flirting and all the things that you could do when you were normal!

"No! Well, my older sister is a *little* overprotective, but not like in a crazy way, just in a sibling way." Buffy was just able and willing to beat up on guys who she didn't like or she thought weren't good enough for her little sister. She smiled at him again. She couldn't tell him the real reason that she hadn't been able to go out, which was because she had been cursed and turned into a giantess, and then briefly a centaur. Stupid exes!

"I got a little overloaded with school and junk and couldn't go out for a while," she lied smoothly. Well, she had been overloaded and overwhelmed, just not with school. "I'm cutting back on that, though. I'm wanting to go out and have fun while I'm still young, you know?" She took another sip of her beer.
Jason nodded when Dawn said she wasn't hungry, as he went through the mental list of manners he had in his head. He always seemed to forget something, but luckily, people never seemed to mind too much. Except for the people that just plain hated him no matter what he said or did, anyway.

He laughed, a little relieved to hear Dawn's family was only overprotective in the standard ways. "Just checking, 'cuz you never know around here, and I'm definitely with you all the way with that other stuff. No one's young forever. My poor buddy Hoyt'd be locked up right now if his momma had anything to say about it."

Just then, a mental light went off in his head, as if he had totally forgotten all about Hoyt, who'd he relieved of both his beer, and his pleasure of his company, without much more of a second glance. He figured introducing Dawn to the town, or at least the current population in attendance at Merlotte's, which was a good portion of it, was also something on that little list.

"Actually, that's Hoyt right there," Jason didn't hesitate to turn and point him out, still sitting at the table he had abandoned him at, "Wanna go join him? I'll introduce ya."

If Dawn had known that he was going through a mental checklist of manners, she would have cracked up. So far he had been fairly normal and about what she expected from any regular guy. Semi polite and possibly trying to get into her pants. Of course, she was so starved for attention right now that she just did not care. Of course, he was cute and charming, so that helped a lot, too.

"Wow, really?" she asked about Hoyt. "My sister would probably try that, too, you know, if I wouldn't just escape out the window and make fun of her for trying." Of course, Buffy had done plenty of sneaking out growing up, but most of it was for the 'saving people' variety. Not all of it, and she had snuck Angel in plenty of times to make out, but some of it had gone for a good cause.

She took a sip of her beer as she looked over at Hoyt. "Sure, let's go join him then," she said, smiling at him. She was good to meet all sorts of people here at this point. Heck, she was ready to throw a giant party and invite everyone in the tri-state area at the moment, although Buffy would probably get pissed if she invited just that many people over to the house.

Or she might join the party. It was hard to tell that kind of stuff when Buffy was concerned.