Dawn Summers (bratty_dawn) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Dawn Summers

Causing a Ruckus at Merlotte's

Who: Dawn and Open (more than one person is more than acceptable)
Where: Merlotte's
When: The next evening after she was turned back to normal
What: Getting some much needed normal time
Status: Incomplete

While Dawn knew that what she should totally be doing right now is sitting at home, maybe trying to get enrolled in one of the colleges in Louisiana (Louisiana Tech was looking good, since it was close to where she was living with Buffy and had a good, but tiny, history department). However, instead she was totally feeling getting out of the house and being around a few people who actually were people that she didn't know/grow up with. Now that she could, she was dying to interact with people and just be NORMAL for a change.

So, Dawn had ran to the nearest bar that she could find, which turned out to be Merlotte's. While she couldn't *technically* drink legally, she was eighteen, which meant that, in Louisiana, she could legally enter a bar. Which is all she really cared about. If someone wanted to buy her a drink, awesome. Until then, she'd settle for just a coke, and some decent conversation.

Dressed in a pretty, strapless sundress that was blue and had tiny flowers all over it, she walked into Merlotte's and sat down at the bar. "Can I get a coke please?" she asked the bartender. Wow, just being around people was giving her a heady little buzz because she just hadn't been in so, so long. She had missed it terribly.
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