Rupert Giles (british_watcher) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Rupert Giles

What's Going On?

Who: Giles, Buffy, and Faith
Where: Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Dawn's Place
When: After the whole 'accidentally killing a slayer' debacle
Status: Complete :)

It had been a few hours since Xander, Faith, and Buffy had left to go and retrieve the runaway Slayer, and Giles was starting to get worried. Both Willow and Dawn had left to do who knows what, and they had left Giles in this large home where he wasn't comfortable or familiar with to wait and find out what happened.

He had been sitting on a sofa when he finally heard a car pull up outside. He stood up and walked over to the window to see who it was. He hoped that it was at least someone that he knew, after all. He wasn't sure if he would be able to explain himself and what he was doing here if someone else showed up.

He was relieved to see that it was someone that he knew, but a little concerned to see that it was only Faith who got out of the car. He wondered where Xander and Buffy were. This was worrisome. He opened the door to let Faith inside. "Where is everyone else? What happened?"
Tags: buffy, faith, giles
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