Buffy Summers (theslayer_buffy) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Buffy Summers

Chance Meetings

Who: Buffy and Angel
Where: Merlotte's
When: Night
Status: Incomplete

After her somewhat disappointing meeting with the Scoobies, she ventured out in her car. Yes, this whole driving a car was becoming a regular thing. She was a little disheartened that people weren't quite as enthusiastic as her, but she had to face the fact that live would never be the same as when they were cooped up in that library. But, sometimes she really missed it. Not the whole going to high school on a Hellmouth thing, but she missed how close they used to be. Granted, she seemed to be growing closer to Xander, and re-growing her connection with Giles, but Willow seemed to be...slipping away? She didn't know what to do, especially after last time. And she wasn't exactly receptive to any talking or attempting to connect.

So, she was off to cool down and get a drink since there wasn't any in the house. Dawn had mentioned something about how cool this Merlotte's bar was (and even Faith had said something about it), so maybe she'd try it out. And she figured she was safe since it probably wasn't run by vampires. Then again, who knew anymore?

She parked her car on the rickety parking lot and took a seat at the actual bar, something she rarely did. Behind the bar, an older guy with light brown hair flecked with gray gave her a warm smile, which she gladly returned, before taking her drink order. There was something about him...she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Of course, those thoughts were completely washed away when she sensed something else. Something--or someone she knew too well. Coming nearer and nearer.
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