Bill Compton (wtc_vampire) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Bill Compton

A Visit to Fangtasia

Who: Bill, Sookie, Anyone else
Where: Fangtasia
When: Evening
What: Bill takes Sookie to Fangtasia, Awkwardness Ensues
Status: Incomplete

Bill wasn't sure how he felt about bringing Sookie to a vampire bar. He didn't want her to get the wrong idea about him or anything, but she had expressed some interest in seeing one, and he certainly didn't want her to go to a place like this alone. Even though she didn't fall for glamours like most humans did, but she was still very vulnerable to a vampire who might want to make a meal of her. Even the vampires who worked here were not always as 'mainstream' as people seemed to believe.

As he pulled up to the bar, he cast a side glance over to Sookie. Even though he thought that she was an absolute picture, he couldn't help but wonder if other vampires would want to make some sort of claim on her as well. Even though he would say that he had 'claimed' her first, vampires weren't always known for following the rules, either. There was one vampire in particular that, especially if he found out about Sookie's special ability, would try to find a way around any sort of rules if he could.

After putting the car into park, he looked over and Sookie gave her a slight smile. "Are you ready?" he asked. He hoped that she understood just how...intense this experience could be.
Tags: bill, sookie
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