Charles Gunn (g_charles) wrote in chosen_nomore,
Charles Gunn

Getting Closer

Who: Cordelia and Gunn
Where: The Hotel
When: Afternoon, While Wes and Angel are hanging out here

Gunn had slept through most of the day after being woke up by the most deranged of Angel. After waking up and taking a shower, he felt a hell of a lot better. Figuring that Cordelia might still be in her room as well, after getting dressed, he walked over to her bedroom and knocked on the door gently, hoping that he wasn't waking her up again like Angel had done. He still wasn't sure what the hell was up when Angel when he had woken them all up. They had actually been half sure that he had been either possessed or had turned into Angelus some way or another.

Of course, him just being in a good mood didn't mean that he was evil. It was just...odd to see him playful. He wasn't the only one confused by it. Cordelia had been just as sure that something had happened as well. Of course, they had both been hung over, so they hadn't been in the good mood to deal with him, either. Wes had seemed more amused by him than anything.

When he didn't get some sort of response right away, giving the door another knock, only slightly louder in case she was in the shower or something. If she was still passed out, he doubted that would wake her up too badly.
Tags: cordelia, gunn
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