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A BTVS Season 8, True Blood, & Angel Season 5 RPG

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Chosen No More

A Buffy the Vampire Season 8, True Blood, & Angel Season 5 Role Playing Game;;

Hundreds, maybe thousands of girls made the choice. Through the power of the scythe, they were instilled with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Only one problem: vampires have "come out of the coffin" and made their presence known to the world. Killing them is now punishable by law, whether you're human or vampire. So, what do these thousands of girls with vampire slaying skills do now?

Many of them, especially the charismatic, powerful leader, Buffy Summers, is seen as a terrorist to the government. Vampires have made their presence known, but who or what are slayers? VTV, a popular TV network, featuring Harmony's popular reality show "Harmony Bites" makes slayers out to be the bad guys (more accurately, girls). So, not only is the government after the Slayers, but vampires are, too, only in a more private capacity. But, there are some vampires, especially vampire sheriffs, like Eric Northman, who want to use people with certain slayer "skills" to take care of vampire-related problems. Therefore, slayers can still use their skills in a bounty hunting capacity, once again ingraining their terrorist label.

On the other side of the country, an evil law firm in Los Angeles, of which clueless Angel and his friends are working for and think they're in charge of, helped orchestrate the new vampire laws in order to keep half of its clientele safe. Angel, being a vampire himself, signed the forms to help pass it along, not understanding the repercussions for Slayers, thus building an even bigger gap between Angel, his friends, and the Scoobies.

Meanwhile, in Bon Temps, Louisiana, a young telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse meets her first vampire, Bill, after saving him from Drainers (people who sell the highly addictive vampire blood on the black market). Both Bill and Sookie are intrigued by one another, but must deal with the small town persecution, especially from Sookie's coworkers, her boss, Sam, her brother, Jason, and her best friend, Tara.

However, a dark power is rising in the south. A new Hellmouth is born in the heart of Louisiana; New Orleans. Hearing this news, Buffy and her friends head there to keep an eye on things, and mostly, to stay out of the public eye. What better way to hide than in, what they think, is the middle of nowhere? Little do they know, Louisiana has become a hub for vampire activity. The scars still visible on her neck, Buffy is immediately labeled a "fangbanger," but at least no one knows that she's the Slayer. Or so she thinks.

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